Material for digital print

Materials for digital printing

The requirements of the customers for smaller production series, printing of variable information and boutique products helping the company to develop and impose the digital printing as an alternative technology on the market.

Materials for laser printing

Part of the Arcotrade portfolio are several synthetic materials, produced by leading European companies. They are widely used in the advertising business, hotels and restaurants, event companies, medical and public services, heavy industry and military industry. These products are breakage, high temperature, wet, fat, pollution and alcohol resistant. Another advantage is that they can be used without laminating.


Kernowprint (Hydroprint) is polyester material, which is available on stock in format A4 and SRA3, different thicknesses.

It is available in pre-die-cut ready for use shapes as wristbands, id cards, badges, horizontal and vertical menus, luggage tags, door signs, pyramids for restaurants.

We are able to provide the template for printing and thus, you can quickly, easily and effectively “equip” every hotel, restaurant, café and event.

Pre-tinted Kernowprint materials are ideal for marking and labeling goods in different shops, for indoor and outdoor usage.

The “non-woven” materials find application in the sport events, restaurants, beauty salons, etc.

Enduro – opaque coated paper, also “Ice” (frosted) effect available

The Enduro series is suitable for conventional and digital printing on invitations, folders, inserts, envelopes. The “Ice” version is great solution for gift bags, jewelry and accessories packaging, envelopes for letters and invitations.

Available on stock in sheets format 70x100cm and different thicknesses.

Materials for large-format printing

Wallpapers – designed for digital inkjet printing, with special coating for perfect adhesion of the inks, according to the specific printing technology – water based, solvent, eco-solvent and latex inks, with different textures and high functional characteristics; wallpapers are available with all anti-fire and low value harmful emission certificates.

Large Format Prinitng (LFP) films- high-quality monomer and polymer foils and laminates with different combinations of face materials, adhesives and liners which are suitable for all kinds of inks- UV, latex and solvent.

KIP – innovative collection of synthetic papers with special coating, specially developed for the colour printing system KIP.

Kernow Jet- materials for large format printing with latex, solvent and UV inks – for roll-up and pop-up displays, backlit media, self-adhesive and non-adhesive products for walls and floors, wallpapers.

Pintura – PINTURA™ – is a trademark of the Italian company Adria Art SRL which is famous in the art segment. The canvas “Pintura” can be used for painting as well as digital printing of art and photographic images, marketing campaigns, fair booths design.

Moreover, they find a field of application in fashion, furnishings, decorations, etc. The canvas can be printed on sheet-fed and roll-to-roll machines with different types of inks: UV, latex, nano-print, solvent / eco-solvent (only some products are suitable) and silk screen printing.

Grounded canvas are subject to special treatment in order to be used on plotters.