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Self-adhesive paper
Thursday, 02 September 2010 18:33

Sheet Materials

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.

ARCONVERT is the largest manufacturer self-adhesive sheets in Europe. Constant quality, punctuality of formatting and the practical, original package make our materials a preferred product among printing houses. The range of sheet materials is rich and consists of coated papers, natural papers, foil materials, metalized papers, etc. ARCOTRADE stocks in Varna the following types:

-          Semi gloss (PAT BR80P/MPAT87/P10P) – in format 50х70 cm (cut and solid back), 70х100 cm (cut back), 45х64 см (cut back)

-          Offset (VLL70/MPAT87/P10P) – 50x70 cm (cut back)

-          High gloss (SPX80/MPAT87/P10) – 50x70cm (cut and solid back)

The types and sizes can be supplied on customer’s request, observing certain minimum quantities.

Thursday, 02 September 2010 18:30

Roll Materials

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.

ARCOTRADE is the official representative of ARCONVERT S.p.A for Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova. The company operates as their agent and distributor.  
ARCONVERT S.p.A is a subsidiary of Fedrigoni Group - one of the oldest paper mills in Europe, known with its special papers for high quality design and printing. It is located on the Lake Garda shores in the town of Arco. It manufactures a wide range of self adhesive papers for production of different labels classes. Generally, materials can be classified in the following categories:

1.    Materials for wine and alcoholic drinks – the exclusive range of face materials FEDRIGONI, with original structure and treatment for print protection, combined with special adhesive for storage in a champagne bucket.
-    Constellation Jade Raster 90/CB80/SH6020+
-    Constellation Snow Laser 90/CB80/SH6020+
-    Constellation Snow Vergata 90/CB80/SH6020+
-    Constellation Snow Sacco 90/CB80/SH6020+