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Roll Materials

Written by  Arcotrade Ltd.
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ARCOTRADE is the official representative of ARCONVERT S.p.A for Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova. The company operates as their agent and distributor.  
ARCONVERT S.p.A is a subsidiary of Fedrigoni Group - one of the oldest paper mills in Europe, known with its special papers for high quality design and printing. It is located on the Lake Garda shores in the town of Arco. It manufactures a wide range of self adhesive papers for production of different labels classes. Generally, materials can be classified in the following categories:

1.    Materials for wine and alcoholic drinks – the exclusive range of face materials FEDRIGONI, with original structure and treatment for print protection, combined with special adhesive for storage in a champagne bucket.
-    Constellation Jade Raster 90/CB80/SH6020+
-    Constellation Snow Laser 90/CB80/SH6020+
-    Constellation Snow Vergata 90/CB80/SH6020+
-    Constellation Snow Sacco 90/CB80/SH6020+

-    Tintoretto Gesso 95/CB80/SH6020+
-    Embossed Coated Laid80/CB80/SH6020+
-    OPP TC TR LC50/PET30/PF2


2.    Materials for industrial application – labels with or without printing, serving the industry of advertising, marking, logistics, storage – semi gloss, gloss, high gloss, vellum for thermal transfer printing, coated paper for thermal transfer printing. They are combined with various adhesives for permanent and temporary adhesion, among which РХ1 is the most popular, because of its broad application spectrum.
-    Semi gloss (PAT BR80P/Glar63/PX1)
-    Gloss (PAT BR80/Glar63/PX1)
-    High gloss (SPX80/Glar63/PX1)
-    Vellum for thermal transfer printing (VLC75/Glar63/PX1)
-    Vellum for price marking (VLL70/Glar63/PX1)
-    Fluo papers (FLUO80/Gazz63/P10) – yellow, orange, red, green, magenta
-    Special paper for thermal transfer printing (PAT TH75/Glar63/PX1)
-    Low weight paper for products with small diameter (PAT BR60LW/Glar63/PX1)


3.    Filmic materials – suitable for applications, where it is necessary to combine label’s beauty with label’s durability in aggressive environment – in cosmetic and perfumery industry, in the production of detergents, oils, food and beverages. PF2 adhesive is specially designed with a high degree of transparency.

-    Transparent polypropylene (OPP TC TR LC50/Gbco63/PF2)
-    White polypropylene (OPP TC BCO LC60/Gbco63/PF2)
-    White polypropylene (PE TC BCO LC85/Gbco63/PF2)

4.    Triplexes and special materials – materials with adhesive pattern, materials for luggage tags and for labels for packaging fruits and vegetables in pun nets, papers with extruded aluminum foil in silver and gold.

5.    Materials for direct thermal print – paper with thermal coating that enables direct printing without necessity of thermal transfer ribbon as an additional consumable. Depending on the resistance to the environment influences, they are divided into two groups:
-    THERMAL ECO – short-term durability of the print. This paper is suitable for supermarkets, where label must survive from the scale to the pay-desk.
-    standard thermal eco (TER AV80/Glar63/P10)
-    thermal eco with reduced quantity of glue and thinner support. (TER AV80/Gazz50/P10R) – the product is designed for Bizerba and Avery Berkel scales, in order to provide more labels in the roll and less thermal head cleaning.
-    THERMAL TOP – paper with coating and barrier layers, which allows placement of the product in a refrigerator or other aggressive environment. Labels from THERMAL TOP withstand up to several months, and the full colour image is with higher quality compared to THERMAL ECO.

-    Thermal top with face material from Ricoh (TOP S80/Glar63/PX1)
-    Thermal top with face material from Mitsubishi (TER ST80/Glar63/PX1)
-    Thermal top with hot-melt adhesive (TER ST80/Glar63/P50)

p5p76.    Security materials – synergy between the experience of FABRIANO SECURITIES and ARCONVERT – papers with watermark (standard and personalized), materials with integrated visible and invisible fibres, holograms, papers with thermal-sensitive prints, high density polyethylene, which is delaminated under attempt for label detachment.
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Arcotrade Ltd.

Arcotrade Ltd.

ARCOTRADE Ltd was created in 2006 to present the bulgarian, romanian and moldovian markets with another alternative of the self adhesive paper and cardboards as representative of Arconvert SPA, Italy. 

The good relationships with our clients and our striving for flexible solutions for the different print demands we meet made us a reliable partner for the printing industry. We offer high quality of the products and the services we present at reasonable prices.

The feedback that we recieved from the market and the constant strive for satissfying our clients demands made us to develop the assortiment of products that we offer. Along with the Self-Adhesive paper, we offer to the market different solutions for printing and advertisment like Art Cardboards Fabriano, special materials for digital printing, offset plates and others.

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