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Saturday, 07 December 2013 19:46


Written by Arcotrade Ltd.


There are many advantages presented in Smooth accessories also. Patent tunnel heat dryer are able to choose 0 ~ 150 drying temperature by 7 ~ 102 meters etc drying distance especially benefit for transfer, shrink film drying solution. Smart slitting knife, vacuum device, program makes the slitter & rewinder jobs much easier and accuracy.

FG-450 / FG-350 / FG-340

EPC Web guide Unwinder

FJ-450 / FJ-340

Jumbo Unwinder

6HDTR-50M / 4HDTR-50M / HDTR-50M

Circuits Tunnel Heat Dryer (Patent right reserved)

SL-450CR / SL-340CR / SL-300CR

Slitter & Rewinder



SL-340CT / SL-450CT

Twin shafts Slitter & Rewinder

W-450 / W-320 / W-340

Horizontal Rewinder




Automatic Sheeter

C-450 / C-400 / C-340 / c-250



Inspection Rewinder

Saturday, 07 December 2013 19:43

Serigraphy Machines

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.

Serigraphy Machine Series

Serigraphy ( Silk screen ) printing machine can do the stereographic thick coating ( printing ) benefit to special jobs such as RFID, electronic circuits conductive film, panel, nameplate, touch screen, tape, textile, label printing , many kind of transfer printing , ribbon & lanyard printing etc or supporting jobs after Offset, Letterpress printing such as blank web full coating, partial coating, varnishing, epoxy etc is well known in this field. However without dryer solution the effective will be reduce much more. Smooth Serigraphy Machines not only full-automatic printing station positioning but also independent servo drive pneumatic printing head squeegee auto adjustable are available. Most important is the dryer can choose UV or Patent circuit tunnel heat dryer can be widest application for almost all kind of materials to overcome shrinkage, fissure problem at the most economical way.


CNC Full Automatic Twin stations Web-Fed Silk Screen Printing Machine

SPM-620SX / SPM-450SX / SPM-340SX

CNC Full Automatic Web-Fed Silk Screen Printing Machine

Saturday, 07 December 2013 19:41

Flat-Bed Printing Machines

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.


CNC Label Printing Machine


CNC Label Printing Machine

Saturday, 07 December 2013 19:38

Hot-stamping / Die-cut Machines

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.

Hot Stamping / Die Cut Machine Series

Flat-bed Die-cut, Embossing, Hot-stamping is benefit for thick materials application at most economical way. Unlike most of Flat-bed Die-cut / Hot-stamping machines are Oblique Flat-bed style instead of real Flat-bed style as ours can make Die-cut, Embossing, Hot-stamping pressure much more equivalent on overall web surface to get best producing quality with good registration. Smooth High speed models up to 300 imp/min speed can be compared with most of Rotary machines is the best way to do after printing jobs for Letterpress, Serigraphy, Offset, Flexography machines etc. Choose Exclusive Full-cut unit, stacking station, multiple lamination design etc is benefit for special product manufacturing such as panel, nameplate, touch screen, electronic parts protector, voucher card, container lid, tape etc is the favorite machine for electronic, food cosmetic petrol procession, packaging product manufacturers.

Die Cut Machine

Smooth die cut machine can choose either flat-bed or semi-rotary styles. The flat-bed die cut machine please check this page. Semi-rotary die cut machine can be converted by SPM-450OR (shaftless offset) or SPM-340LR (shaftless letterpress) or SPM-270LR (letterpress) but min. station quantity is 2. Both styles max. speed can achieve 300 imp/min. Flat-bed die cut machine uses acrylic base or wooden base die and semi-rotary die cut machine uses flexible die.

SPM-450FT / SPM-340FT / SPM-320FT

CNC High speed Twin stations Hot-stamping & Die-cut machine

SPM-450F / SPM-340F / SPM-320F

CNC High speed Single station Die-cut (Hot-stamping) machine

Saturday, 07 December 2013 19:37

Rotary Letterpress Machines

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.

Letterpress Machine Series

Shaftless is no longer the exclusive advantage for Offset machine now. With Shaftless and Intermittent feeding technology to make wonderful printing by many kind of materials at the most economical way will be dream come true. Full automatic printing stations positioning system & unit , 100 printing jobs setting memory system etc functions are available. As wealthy experience in the leading computer controlled technology press also cooperate with Japanese partner, Smooth machines will lead you to beat any competitors both on quality and cost.


Shaftless Letterpress Full / Intermittent Rotary Printing Machine


Shaftless Letterpress Full / Intermittent Rotary Printing Machine

Saturday, 07 December 2013 19:34

Offset machines

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.

State-of-Art printing quality as offset machine is the aim for all label printers. However the investment for machine itself still at higher side if compare to the other printing methods and Smooth want to improve it. Base on Shaftless full computerized technology in Intermittent field and wealthy experiences, Smooth developed the Web-fed Shaftless Intermittent feeding Offset press with converting stations which unexpected low investment "Breaking rule price" will shock the market make contribution to printing filed.



Advantages of our offset machine:


  • Shaftless technology
    Independent digital multi-servo drive secures stable printing registration, speed, and ink kneading etc.

  • Intermittent technology
    High profitability for short and medium runs. Fastest job changes without standstills, minimum wastage.

  • Wet Offset litho printing technology
    Temperature controlled printing unit with advanced damping system achieves state of the art printing quality.

  • Web tension control technology
    Full automatic web tension control as well as tension ratio settings for different web material specifications.

  • Registration control technology
    The harmony coordination between electronic & mechanical components makes printing speed variations / stop then start printing achieves none or minimum web wastage.

  • Maximized computerized technology
    Computer control maximizes functionality and ease of set up.

  • Converting technology
    SMOOTH converting supports regular printing materials such as labels, cards, tickets, tags, boxes, lids, as well as A4 and A3 booklet printing. Converting stations can be extended with tandem or stand alone hot stamping, die cutting, embossing, perforating, laminating, serigraphy, slitting and sheeting machines; and enhance the coverage of integrated effects such as RFID, security, hidden messages, scratch off, thermal transfer, tattoo, and stereography puff.

  • Basic demands
    CNC production, super strict QC, and ISO and CE certifications are the starting points for SMOOTH printing machines.

  • Unexpected low investment
    This "Price Rule Breaker" will shock the market and make a significant contribution to the printing industry.


Saturday, 07 December 2013 19:30

About Smooth

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.

Smooth is the 1st manufacturer in Taiwan to made CNC (Full-automatic computer controlled the items) printing machine since 1985 and all our models are CNC machines (other Asian made machines may not). Therefore the computer & electronic controlled are much more than mechanical controlled if compare to the other Asian machines (maximized computerized Asian press).

Smooth Machinery technical cooperate with his Japan partner especially in computer system & electrical parts therefore many European printers said the machine unlike regular Asian made but similar to European made machines such as Gallus, Heidelberg …etc. Smooth is the biggest seller in Taiwan “San Jose” which only made electronic products such as RFID, Electric circuits plate, computer parts, panel mask etc, i.e. 70 machines (Serigraphy + Flat-bed Die-cut) in ACER computer factory. In San Hose, USA or “San Hose” many countries e.g. Israel, India, China etc we have many machines too.

Smooth is the first one in Asia (except Japan) made shaftless semi rotary (intermittent) machine since more than a decade and semi rotary (intermittent) offset machine since more than half decade…

Although there are many unbelievable cheap price China made printing presses, our biggest selling volume still in China (quality machine still worked even in China as Omet, Nilpeter, Heidelberg etc, although their local copy machines very cheap…). The 2nd largest is South East Asia, 3rd is Middle East, 4th Europe, 5th Latin America.


Smooth have thousands of machines installed globally

Some important references are e.g.: FINAT (world largest label association) chairman in Germany has 3 production lines of our machines, Hanna instrument (world biggest meter / tester maker with 200 countries’ branches, head plant in Romania) has 5 production lines of our machines, Turkish leading printers won 5 printing awards has 3 production lines of our machines, ACER (world famous computer manufacturer) has 70 our machines, 3 M (world famous tape manufacturer) in USA, India etc, leading printing companies in Israel, Chile, Uganda, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Germany, East coast of USA etc.

References please check attached machine installation reports in international printing magazines and


To be in brief, “European quality but Asian price” is our aim and public comment.