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Special Materials
Wednesday, 05 December 2012 10:14

“Pintura Digital Print” canvases

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.

With the PINTURA trademark our Company reconfirms itself as a main reference point for all those working in the Fine Arts sector.

Founded in 1976 as a small, family-run company, Adria Artigianato srl is now an industrial reality combining a highly technological production line with a continuous innovation and research of new products.

Constant attention to quality, care for details, reliability and professionalism being the foundations of such an impressive expansion, not only on a national scale but, above all, on an international scenery with the exportation of their products in over 60 countries.

Strong in knowledge gained by experience, they look to the future with an eye on the past. Always attentive to recompense the trust their clients have in them with every intention to continue in the same way throughout the coming years.

Friday, 03 September 2010 10:12

Double Adhesive Cardboard

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.
Double adhesive cardboard is a unique; three layer structure, developed for the growing photo book market. Suitable for photo-books, for calendars, packages and anything else, created by the imagination of the designer. Available format 50х70 cm, core weight - 250 g/m2.
Friday, 03 September 2010 10:11

Art Cardboards Fabriano

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.

FABRIANO is the oldest manufacturer of paper in Europe. First historical records date back to 1264.   The invention of paper is traditionally associated with China. Arabians learn skills to produce and transmit them to the West.    The long and difficult process reaches its flourishing state in the second half of XIII century in Fabriano, a small town in the Italian region Marche. The reason the history of papermaking in Europe to begin exactly here is most probably related to the nearness of Ancona – a port, opened to trade with the Arabian world.

From 2009 Arcotrade is an official distributor of Directa Ltd. – an exclusive representative of FABRIANO for Bulgaria. We offer various assortments of colours, weights, textures of creative papers, cardboards, rice paper and bookbinding cloths of established European manufacturers, luxury envelopes with the colour and the relief of the paper. All products are with guaranteed quality, certified to the European and international standards; designed for printing offices, publishers, advertising agencies, design studios, artists, architects, etc.


Friday, 03 September 2010 09:58

Offset Plates

Written by Arcotrade Ltd.

ARCOTRADE LTD Presents OFFSET PLATES made by  Untitled-2, Slovenia

KEMOLIT® offset plates

KEMOLIT® РСР offset printing plates, a production of the Slovenian factory Cinkarna, are suitable not only for a conventional printing, but also as a СТР plate. The conventional plate becomes СТР plate when exposed to UV laser system, which is first developed by Lȕscher with platesetter Xpose, designed for UV-sensitive conventional plates, and also it can be used in Basys print systems with UV laser systems.

Special spectacular materials PicoFilm and EnduroIce are moisture resistant and durable non-torn materials, with versatile application and excellent printing qualities, including printing on laser printers.

EnDURO Ice is a PP material, coated with paper on both sides. It combines the strength and resistance of the film with the excellent printing paper properties. It could be very well folded and glued. Suitable for folders, covers, packages, pouches, cases, envelopes, CD/DVD covers, business cards, jewelry boxes, post cards, etc.